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Fishing spots

Find information about the available fishing spots in Byälvens 3 fishing zones here.


Säffle offers a wide variety of accommodations if you are planning for an extended stay.

Welcome to Säffle Sport fishing Association

Säffle Sportfishing Association is active in Säffle which is located in the southern part of Wermland, Sweden. The Byälven River flows through the central part of the city and is one of the top Zander fishing waters in Sweden. The fishing area is divided into 3 zones which extends from the northern point of Rölseholmen to the Låka Lighthouse at the outlet to Vänern.

Fishing Zones

The Byälven River is divided into 3 “ Fishing Zones”.
Zone 1 is located at the city center where the current is strongest and is divided into 20 permanent fishing spots.
Zone 2 is further south and extends from the wood bridge to the boat ramp ramp at Flå.
Zone 3 extends from the boat ramp at Flå to the Låka lighthouse and allows fishing from land and boat.

Fish species

Catches in Byälven 2017

Countdown to the Zander premiere


The temporary fish ban for Zander starts now!

Hello! As of today (April 25th) the temporary ban for fishing Zander begins. This means
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